Reiki Master spiritual healing with crystals is powerful to the change and healing of the chakras. Crystals that correspond to the chakra colors are especially effective for clearing and balance.

In order to benefit with spiritual energy healing with crystals through Reiki, one must place the crystals on top of the body location of each chakra while lying down.

Here are a few suggested crystals for each chakra:

Root: Red tiger eye, red jasper, garnet, and ruby

Sacral: Carnelian, hematite

Solar Plexus: Citrine, yellow aventurine, yellow topaz, amber and yellow jasper

Heart: Rose quartz, aventurine, emeralds, green and pink tourmaline

Crown: Sugalite, amethyst

Third Eye: Clear quartz, moonstone, sapphire

Ear: Pink tourmaline

Throat: Blue lace agate, blue topaz

When practicing Reiki with crystals, it is important to feel the crystals’ vibration loosen any hardened energies from the chakras. If you breathe deeply and concentrate, you may feel the sensation of the crystal’s pulse.

Reiki Master spiritual healing with crystals can also work while you sleep. Placing a crystal under your pillow or on your nightstand can allow your chakras to be cleared.

Some Reiki Masters also recommend taking a bath with crystals in order to purify the body. Other Reiki Masters advise drinking gem elixirs – that is finely ground crystal or gem powder mixed into distilled water and then consumed.

The above are just a few examples of the crystal colors used for select chakras. When used correctly, this type of Reiki treatment is effective and energizing for the mind, body, and soul.