MB1121 Besednice Moldavite


An almost perfect Besednice moldavite.

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An almost perfect Besednice moldavite. I was going to say that this Besednice hedgehog was undamaged however I see that she has a couple of tiny nicks which absolutely do not detract from her beauty in fact that is only that the light caught the imperfections or a probably wouldn’t have seen them.

I always think what an interesting process at must’ve been for the Moldavites that lay in the sandpit at Besednice for 15 million years. I have found after looking at hundreds of these that when they are this triangular shape, the top is more densely and deeply sculptured and underneath sculpturing is less intense although just as beautiful.

Weight – 6.61 gr
Height – 32.31 mm
Width – 26.9 mm
Depth – 8.8 mm



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