Sedona, Arizona (PRWEB) October 24, 2013

Chakra healing may seem esoteric to some, but can be easy and accessible. Chakras are about vital energy and it is part of the mission of the website to teach people ways to help themselves by managing their energy. Right now, the site is introducing a new Chakra Healing Kit, which includes tools for meditation and visualization essential to the process of healing and balancing the chakras. has added a new tool to its collection of engaging, easy to follow guided meditations. In association with BEST Life Media, the site is offering a comprehensive approach to Ilchi Lee’s meditation system for chakra healing. The new kit features the book “Healing Chakras,” a companion guided meditation CD, a daily Chakra Meditation & Affirmation flip chart, a chakra inspired wall hanging, and a set of chakra-themed temporary tattoos.

Often, meditation techniques may encourage silence or limiting sensory input. This special meditation kit uniquely offers techniques which engage sight, sound, and touch. This provides the practitioner opportunities to develop multiple levels of awareness of and interaction with their chakras. Based on Ilchi Lee’s teachings about energy and the mind-body connection, the kit introduces a combination of sound and imagery designed to encourage a state of mind more conducive to healing the body. The release of the kit coincides with’s recent series of articles and videos about chakra health and healing.

About is a wellness lifestyle resource based on energy philosophy and the teachings of meditation and brain education leader, Ilchi Lee. offers accessible, around the clock guidance, inspiration and practical online training to enable people to realize and activate their full human potential. The site offers lifestyle tips, health and wellness articles, exclusive seminars and personal development coaching.

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