Besednice Moldavite

And so you have heard about moldavite from Besednice and you wonder what is so special about it and why it is so expensive. For some reason that only the universe knows the moldavite’s that landed in Besednice 15 million years ago landed in a particularly unique area. The field is low lying and very sandy it is also very wet. These unique circumstances meant that the grooves, the hills and the valleys, and the etchings are also quite unique.

Delicate like a leaf and often triangular in shape, they are easily identifiable. It is not to say that all Besednice moldavite’s are triangular, many are pebble shaped but over the millions of years the water and sand have etched out channels that formed the miniature valleys. What especially distinguishes a Besednice moldavite from all of the others are the sharp spikes which have given these moldavite’s very unglamorous name of “hedgehogs”. It is difficult to appreciate the true beauty until you have one in your hand a photograph simply does not convey just how extraordinary these are.

So why are they so expensive? Quite simply it is a case of supply and demand. They are considered to be the most beautiful of all moldavites and the fact that the mine closed down many years ago and the area is now depleted means that there is no longer a supply.

Are Besednice moldavites better than other moldavites? That is a hard one to answer because each person seeks moldavite for their own purposes. I believe that when you a lead on the journey to seek moldavite that the appropriate moldavite will speak to you and your head and in your heart, whether it is a beautiful Besednice hedgehog or what you may consider to be a less attractive piece, in the end it is about her choosing you.