Many people ask – Is Moldavite Stone or is Moldavite Crystal?  Technically Moldavite is a tektite or natural glass formed when a meteorite fell to earth millions of years ago.  Unlike all other crystals such as rose quartz, amethyst or citrine, Moldavite was not created my mother earth (Gaia) but by the super heated wave travelling in front of the meteor which melted the silica that was present in the ground.

I believe Moldavite is a crystal because a crystal has properties that a stone doesn’t have.  Moldavite gives most people a real ‘buzz’ and often they will turn bright red and and immediately start perspiring.  This is known as the Moldavite flush and is quite common – I’ve seen it many times.  A friend who had this reaction asked if she could cleanse it – I said yes and so she did.  It didn’t make any difference the kick was still there but she stop perspiring so it worked out ok for her.

When I have ordered Moldavite from my friend in the Czech Republic who is a Moldavite miner I know the minute they arrive in the country because there is a tangible wave – almost a tsunami that hit me and I’m immediately off-balance and dizzy.  I’ve figured out how to stop that now, thank goodness!

Moldavite is also a healing stone I often use it in my work as a Reconnective Healer if requested – it’s not mandatory.  I find it helps open the pathways especially when I am doing a distance healing session.

I love to share information and stories about my Moldavite Crystals and I have another website devoted to more detailed information – see the about me section.