If a word or a sentence has ever hurt you; you are then well aware of the power words have.

Old cultures, such as the Hindu, have known this all along; but only nowadays modern science has come to confirm the old beliefs.

Such is the case of the vast -and now well known work of Mr. Masaro Emoto in his “Miraculous Messages from Water”. He shows us the profound effect that words have on that vital substance: Water.

So vital, that we humans, know our composition is water in more than 70%.

Although Mr. Emoto’s reputation is well based, and his theory is solidly documented and now broadly accepted; you and I could choose to think that a theory is just a theory -until applied to our lives, and proven true (or false) for us.

So, would you accompany me to explore a few *Sutra Poems, out of curiosity; for the fun of it – or to accept their healing for your heart and soul?

Pray tell me of a wound you’d like healed, and let us – you and I together- aim to find some words for your healing.

Pray tell me of a wound you’d like healed…Is it, perhaps, a feeling of separation?

Is it profound fear of losing the love or acceptance of someone who once cared and liked you -but seems to no more?

The profound fear…


That fear that wants to bite away both, our confidence and joy…

…But. there must be an antidote for fear.

… Is there be an antidote for fear?

Please come with me, and let’s look and see if we can find it, together…

Fear is a feeling.

Then, let’s look into words first, because we know that words reflect thoughts -and thoughts reflect feelings….

Let’s look for words.

…Words for your healing..

Could these words be those loving friends that can perhaps, guide you to explore some of your fears. and still, take you beyond fear?

Could these words be those healing friends to you?…

I fear so much when You are angry When you are displeased

I fear I may lose Your closeness I fear I may lose Your respect and admiration

I fear Most of all To fail you

One day You gave my embrace The power To calm you down

To rescue you From any anger Or fear

One day My lips could soothe Your pain End your doubts Call your smile back To your own lips

My love How I wish You would grant me Again the power To protect your world From fear

But only you Grant this power And you’ve withdrawn it from me Now that I’ve fallen Into fear

I fear so much when You are angry When you are displeased

And To disguise my fearful fear I fall in anger

To match yours

But you don’t calm down Neither do I

And fear becomes worse And in the blackness of doubt -That maybe you love me No longer I shield myself In despise

…I tell you That nothing matters That life’s better Without you

And you cry And laugh in pain Laugh in anger And compete

To see if you can destroy me Before I attack again

Oh, my love I wish I’d dare To stop right here And be truthful

And tell you That I so much love you My worst nightmare is To fail you

That each of your dreams I remember And wish to fulfill In my heart

That only your bright sweet eyes can Support my soul In its soaring

That your words of love Will heal me Because I Will feel You Healed

You are my reason And my all And I dare My love To love

So I can recover My heart And with my heart All its power

The amazing power Of Life

Leave your fears behind My love of the smiles Like rainbows

Bring your shields down You are safe For I seize the moment And dare My love To love

And it’s To love I invite you

So that you heal And be whole -For your good Is my sweet mission

Because I dare My love To love

Can you imagine if you and that person in your mind and heart would read these words -and, maybe, read them to each other?

*”Sutra” is a Sanskrit word, root for “suture” or “sewing together for healing” – like in surgery.