I would never have thought of myself as an obsessive person but when it comes to my Moldavite crystals – well Moldavite is definitely an obsession. I carry some  with me at all times – well, really you never know when you need a piece to help connect to someone far away do you? Or do an impromptu healing session. I find it comforting to have a piece with me as well – don’t ask me why, I seem to have been chosen for some unknown reason. I’m not much of a jewelry person but I’ll often have my faceted Moldavite pendant on too. I have about 20 small pieces on my desk at work, I’m surprised the electrical equipment still works! We live not far from an airport and my sister thinks the pilots will be able to use our house to line up if the lights ever go off at the airport since I have about 6 kgs of the stuff. Some of the pieces are quite large – Moldavite isn’t usually very big the biggest every found was about 230 grams – which isn’t that big at all. I have several over 50 grams. I digress … 

Moldavite is quite fun too – I’ll often let people hold it to see the reactions – they range from the Moldavite flush which is when you get all hot and bothered – like a middle aged woman having a hot flush (let’s not go there). Tingles are common in the hands and up the arms. Leave it long enough and the buzz travels down your spine too. 

I have been extremely lucky to get my hands on some Besednice Moldavite too (pronounced Bes ed net sa). These are exquisite ! Some so delicate and fragile I can barely stand to touch them in case they break. My friend who is a part time Moldavite miner in the Czech Republic sent me some photos of where they used to be mined about 8 years ago and a couple of photos of finding one – check out the Moldavite mining photos. You will be as amazed as I am to see the rough ground they come out of – and that they make it one piece! The reasons I like these so much is that they are like giggling girls, some times I can hear them. the fact that they are also rare and increasing in value every day helps too 🙂 There are sort of investment that gives and gives while they become worth more and more – I think that is very cool. Oh yes I have a few for sale – on another website too.

 I collected for many years but when my contact in the Czech Republic gave up mining and moved countries I also stopped collecting.  I read recently that more than 75% of all Moldavite sold is fake.  It is a very scary statistic.  I know mine is genuine because it arrived in little boxes direct from the Czech Republic.  If it gives you comfort that it is indeed genuine Moldavite here is a picture of one of the many boxes that arrived at my house.